User Settings

In this article, you will learn how to change your language, add extra info to your User Card and set Notification settings


Everyone has their own settings. The settings can be found by clicking your image on the top right corner and pressing User settings.

User Settings Options

My information

From here, you can change your profile picture. Your profile picture is taken from your Google account so you will be directed to your Google Account to update your profile picture.

You can also see your contact information this is synced from Google Workspace so you cannot update the information. If it is incorrect please contact your Google Workspace admin to get this information corrected.

You also have the option to add your birthday and additional information to your profile. For instance, you can add a description and your skills which will be visible in your User Card and will also help others find you in Search.

Note: When the birthday and skills field is pulled from your provisioning source, you will no longer be able to add these fields from the user settings in Happeo. Instead, these fields will be greyed out.

My settings

General settings allow you to choose the application's language, default content language, week start day and time format.

You can also set an out of office. This can be done either by importing from Gmail or manually setting it.

Notification settings

From Notification Settings, you can set general notification settings such as enable or disable desktop notifications, enable or disable email notifications and the daily digest.

You can also see all the Notification Settings per Channel and change the ones you want. These Channel notification settings can also be managed from within every Channel.


If Lifecycle Management is enabled by a Happeo admin, the Lifecycle tab will show in the User Settings. From the Lifecycle tab, you are able to see all Pages and Channels that you are the owner or author of and the status. From this tab, you are able to review and update Page content and Channels to ensure that your Happeo content is up to date.