Link List Widget

This article explains what the Link list widget is and its use cases

What is it?

The Link list widget can be used to create a list of external or internal links. For example, you can link to a Channel article or an article from a website.

How to add a link

  1. Select the Add link at the bottom of the widget
  2. Give a title for the link ("Item name")
  3. Copy-paste the link URL in the Item URL field
  4. If you wish, you can change the default item icon by clicking on Change icon
  5. Once you've filled in all the neccecary details, you can click on Save and the link should appear in the widget's list

Note: Any link added through the link list widget will be opened as a new tab.

Deleting a link

To delete a link, hover over the link row and on the right of the widget you will see an X that you can use to delete that link.