iFrame Widget

This article aims to provide details regarding the iFrame widget and its use cases

What is the iFrame widget used for?

The iFrame Widget is used to either iFrame a URL or embed content into the Page. There are three options when using the iFrame Widget:

  1. Embed
  2. URL
  3. Javascript

Each can be used for different things.


Embed is used when you have found a widget or embeddable content that you would like to add to a Page. A lot of websites offer the option to get embed code for specific items such as YouTube videos, Weather reports and Public transport schedules.


URL is used for iFraming an entire webpage or special embedding URL's that you can get from

specific websites. However, they can be a bit hard to set up sometimes.

By default, you cannot embed any website since this can pose a security threat (see custom widgets to bypass this limitation). This is why most web pages prevent embedding and for some web pages, you need to use a special embedding URL to get the embedding working.

If a website will not embed correctly you will see the below error.


Javascript will allow you to enter your own Javascript and allows many different options for embedding external content.

As you will be adding custom code into Happeo you need to accept responsibility for validating the code and ensuring that it is not harmful before adding it.

iFrame Widget Options

  • Embed: Choose between the three options for iFraming content onto the Page