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View Page History and Revert to Previous Page Versions

In this article, you will learn how to view a Page’s history and how to revert to earlier Page versions

What does the page history consist of and where can it be found?

A Page’s history includes previous versions of a Page within a Page group. These versions are created every time you save changes to a particular Page.

To find a Page’s history, click on:

  1. Edit Page
  2. Select a Page you would like to view the Page’s history for
  3. Under the Page settings, click on “Page history”

The active page version will be highlighted, as seen in the image above. Below the active version, you can find:

  • All the previous versions of the Page
  • By whom they were saved
  • The date and time they were saved 

You can also view how previous versions looked by selecting them in the Page history drop-down.

How to revert to an earlier Page version

To revert to a previous Page version, navigate to:

  1. Page history 
  2. Select the version you would like to revert to
  3. Click on “Revert”
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