How Happeo integrates with Microsoft

This article explains how Happeo integrates with Microsoft and the use cases for those integrations

OAuth 2.0

The integrations are using the standard OAuth 2.0 framework to access the Microsoft Graph. 

Here’s a link to the general Microsoft documentation for applications trying to access the Microsoft Graph API. 

That link explains how to set up applications in general to interact with Microsoft Graph.

In summary, there needs to be:

  • Application credentials
  • Scopes
  • Access tokens

sent to the Microsoft APIs for the APIs to respond.

The application credentials are credentials that identify an application (like Happeo). The scopes are a set of permissions that specify the level of access being requested. 

The access tokens are a user’s access token. So when combining all three, you get an application requesting a type of access for a user.

Clide-side OAuth

In a client-side application OAuth 2.0 flow, the requests are being made between the web clients (the browser) and Microsoft. There are no requests going through Happeo servers and no tokens are stored on the server-side. This type of application can be used when the user is always present for the actions and the action does not need to be processed on the server side.

For more information, please see this link

What features in Happeo are behind this flow?

The Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Calendar and Microsoft Email integrations are all client-side applications.


With the Microsoft OneDrive integration, users can view and manage files. They can view and manage calendars & events with the Microsoft Calendar integration, as well as view search results from their email and see their latest email using the Microsoft Email integration.

Happeo can only achieve this through user initiated actions and therefore doesn’t have access to the user’s files, calendar, event and email without the user’s consent or when the user isn’t initiating those actions.

What permission scopes are asked?


  • Files.Read - View your files and folders
  • Files.ReadWrite - Create files and folders, and upload files


  • Calendars.Read.Shared - View events in calendars the user has access to
  • Calendars.ReadWrite - Create calendars and events


  • Mail.ReadBasic - View basic email information. Cannot view the email body, email body preview or email attachments

Can Happeo see my files, calendar events or emails?

Happeo or any of its employees cannot see or search your OneDrive, Microsoft Calendar or Outlook. A client-side application stores relevant tokens in the browser on your computer and combines the data inside your computer to the Happeo Application.

What libraries does Happeo use?

Happeo uses Microsoft’s official libraries for the OAuth 2.0 flow and to connect to the Microsoft Graph APIs.