Prepare Google Workspace for Happeo

This guide will give you information on how to best prepare your Google Environment to give your Happeo Users the best experience

Onboarding Processes

G Suite Best Practices

Users’ experiences in Happeo are mainly defined by their Group membership in Google.

Google Groups are essentially mailing lists that gather users together based on an Organisation’s wishes. These groups are used as distribution lists for access to Apps, content and other things.

In Happeo, these Groups can be invited to Channels and Pages. Typically, people build Google Groups based on Office Locations, Functions and specific workgroups. For example:


We also recommend building an email, to invite people to Company-Wide News Channels.

This is important for efficiency in Happeo (especially in Orgs of 100+ people) because when somebody joins the organisation, by making them a member of the right Google Groups, you can ensure that they have access to the right apps as well as the best experience in Platforms such as Happeo.

Bear in mind, that somebody can be a member of as many Google Groups as they like.
For more information on Google Groups, click here.

In addition to Google Groups membership, it is worthwhile to ensure that all information in a User’s profile is correct in G Suite. This includes information such as:

  • Name
  • Job Title
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Manager field, which builds Organisation Charts

This is because using our people search, you can look for anybody in the organisation based on these factors and they are used to populate User Cards in Happeo.

Any G Suite profile image will also be pulled through, although Users also have the ability to upload their own image for their Happeo profile.

Best Practice in Happeo

If you want to leverage the full “User Search” experience in Happeo, it is advised that new joiners add some additional information to their profile.

They can add their birth date, description and skills. If the user adds skills that could be relevant to theirs, or other people’s work (e.g. Photoshop, Data Management, Video Editing, etc.) then people can also search for these skills in People Search.

For more info on People Search and User Cards, click here.

Onboarding Content

Building Content in Happeo to help onboard new employees

There are 2 major ways to use Happeo as a platform to onboard new employees:

  1. Build a Page that contains an overview of a few important factors such as:
    1. The User Card for the contact point of new joiners. (e.g. HR Managers, Training Professionals, etc)
    2. Documents that are important for new joiners (either a manually built File List widget or a Google Drive Folder specifically built for new joiners)
    3. An Onboarding Survey (embedded as a Google Form) or a checklist (can be a form or a Google Sheet)
    4. An overview of the software products/platforms which all employees use, possibly segregated by function
    5. A guide for how to use Happeo, with some best practices built for your organisation. This could include an overview of links to the different parts of the platform (the Pages and Channels in there)
    6. An overview of the departments and office locations of the organisation. You could include org charts and small sections on each department, or just link to the dedicated Pages for these functions and locations
  2. Build a Channel, which contains “Announcement” posts. Each new joiner is invited to the channel (through a Group or manually). They must confirm each announcement as read and then complete the steps in the announcements.
    You can also add any external links to the “Channel Links” section and any necessary files to the “Channel Files” section.