A Guide to Happeo's Advanced Admin Analytics

In this article, you will gain insight into Happeo's Admin Analytics and learn what each element consists of

The advanced analytics can be found in the admin panel under "Analytics".  Only those who have the Custom package will have the ability to see the Advanced Analytics features. If you do not have the aforementioned package, instead, you will only see the Google Analytics integration, top contributors and top influencers list. 

Table of contents

  1. Data updates
  2. Controls 
  3. Sections
    1. Overview
    2. Users
    3. Channel Engagement 
    4. Page Engagement 
    5. Search 
    6. Top Contributors
    7. Influencers
  4. Google Analytics

Data updates

The analytics data is calculated every night. This means that you will be able to see yesterday's data today. 


On the top of all analytics pages, you can find filters. These filters are:

  1. Date range
  2. Interval

You can also Export CSV, which will give you the possibility to dig deeper into the data and make your own graphs such as with Google Sheets.

You can easily toggle between different date ranges or select a custom date range. This will change the data calculated in the graphs. 

With the interval, you will be able to control the graphs.

Note: Interval also affects Active users and Active Mobile app users total numbers. 


Advanced Analytics consist of 4 sections of which are explained below. 


The overview gives you a summary of what has been happening in your Happeo. You can find the most important heartbeat numbers on top, a graph of active users and a graph of post engagement below the most important numbers. To get a more in-depth view of the statistics for each category, you can navigate to a specific section from the menu. 


The users section shows you an outline of users. You can see some of the same data as in the Overview section.

  • Active users - The total amount of active users within your Happeo environment in general. An active user refers to a unique user that has started a new session in the selected interval. There is one important concept here, session. So let's define that:
    • Session - A new session occurs when a user opens the mobile app or refreshes the web app. Let's think of this from the perspective of a case: A user logs into Happeo on Monday, keeps reading it until Thursday without refreshing and then refreshes the browser again on Thursday. In this case, the user is counted as a unique user on Monday and on Thursday but is not calculated as a unique user on Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Active mobile app users - The number of users who have used the Happeo mobile app. Active mobile app users are calculated the same way as active users
  • User statistics - Individual statistics of users such as the number of Channels and Pages the user has viewed, posts created and liked, comments they've created and comments they've liked. You can also dig deeper into user stats with our awesome search. You can, for example, search by location and view how people in the Amsterdam office are using your Happeo
    • Please take this into account before contacting us about a security issue. In the User statistics list seen below, we display the users who have made actions in the selected date range. This may include external users (who have been invited by users within your environment to a Page or a Channel) who have made actions in your Pages or in your Channels. You cannot see the actions these users have made outside of your Happeo
  • External users - You may see that there are external users in your User statistics. Don't worry, these are here for a reason! There are a couple of things you need to remember with these kinds of users:
    • External users are users invited only to a Channel or a Page
    • External users are users who are not in your environment (or trusted environment)  and have a recorded action in a Channel or a Page that is located in your environment (or trusted environment)

Channel Engagement

Here you get an overview of how Channels are being used. You can see:

  • Active users - The total amount of active users within your Happeo environment in general
  • Active Channel users - The number of users who have visited Channels
  • Channel views - The number of Channel views in total  
    • A Channel view is counted when a user opens a Channel and when they navigate to a different section. This means that if a user opens a Channel, goes to the Channel Folder and then to the Channel Calendar, this is counted as three views
  • Channels created - The number of Channels created 
  • Post engagement - The number of posts created, posts liked, comments created and comments liked
  • Channel statistics - Statistics for individual Channels such as their Channel views, unique views, posts and comments

Page Engagement

Here you get an overview of the page engagement within your Happeo intranet.  This overview includes statistics of:

  • Active users - The total amount of active users within your Happeo environment in general
  • Active Page users - The number of users who have visited Pages
  • Page views - The number of views on all Pages within your Happeo environment
  • Pages created - The total number of Pages created
  • Page statistics - The views and unique views for all individual page groups. With the filter, you can also, for example, type in a page group name to see statistics for a specific page group
    • You may see an unpublished tag with a ? beside it. A page is marked as unpublished if the primary language of that page is unpublished. Same for Page groups: if all Pages under the Page group have their primary language unpublished, the Page group will be marked as unpublished. This means that if you have a page that has the primary language unpublished but a secondary language published, it will be still marked as unpublished in this list


The search section presents search statistics like:

  • Total searches - The total searches made by all users within your Happeo environment
  • Unique search users - Searches by unique users (if a user performs 2 searches, it is considered as 1 unique search)
  • Average time to find results - The average time it takes for users to find a search result
  • Average time on opened results - The average time users spend on an opened search result
  • Success percentage - The percentage of success when searching for something
  • Failure percentage - The percentage of failure when searching for something
  • Top searches - Shows the most common searches and their individual statistics
  • You can read more about Happeo's search analytics here

Why do users get domain-based search results? - When the user tab is opened in the navigation, if there is no previous search query, it will search with the user's domain. That will make the domain appear in the search queries.


Total searches terms:

  • Opened item - Searches where a user clicked on a result
  • Refined search - Searches that users searched and then refined
  • Gave up - Searches that users gave up on; they didn't find what they were looking for

Top Contributors

The top contributors provide you with an overview of the users who have contributed the most on the basis of the total number of posts and comments they have created. 


The top influencers are determined based on the total number of post comments, post likes and comment likes they have received. 

Google Analytics

This section will enable you to use a Google Analytics tracking ID to use Google Analytics to track how Happeo is used. To learn how to set up this integration, please see our article regarding the Google Analytics integration