Find Out Who Has or Has Not Logged into Happeo

In this article, we will explain how to find out which of your users logged into Happeo during a specific timeframe

How to accomplish this

You can do this by combining information from G Suite and Happeo. As a result, you will need to be, or to have support from, both a G Suite Super Admin and a Happeo Admin. Your Happeo admin will only be able to support you with this if your company has Advanced Analytics turned on. 

This process will take 7 steps:

  1. Open the Happeo Google Sheet
    1. Make a copy of it and save it to your Google Drive. There are also instructions on the first page of this sheet, so feel free to follow the instructions there
  2. Go to your Happeo Admin Settings
    1. Click on Analytics
    2. Select the Users tab
    3. Choose the timeframe you need to investigate
    4. Click the “Export CSV” button and download the “Users” file
  3. Open your newly downloaded Happeo Google sheet - “user-statistics”
    1. Copy the sheet across to the tab “Your Happeo Analytics” in the sheet “Find out who has or has not logged into Happeo”
  4. Follow the steps found in this Google article on how to download all your G Suite Users, we recommend that you include as few columns as possible
  5. Open this newly downloaded G Suite Google sheet (typically called User_Download_XXXX)
    1. Copy the sheet across to the tab “Your G Suite Download” in the sheet “Find out who has or has not logged into Happeo”.
  6. In your “Find out who has or has not logged into Happeo” sheet, copy the first 3 columns to the “Your G Suite Download” tab, into the cell A2 of the sheet and you will now have all your users listed in the tab.
  7. The final step is to select the cells from the columns A, B, C and D, from A3 to D20 (A3:D20)
    1. Double-click on the bottom right-hand side of Cell D20. The formula will then run the cross-check for you. Feel free to “Filter” the results based on True (has logged in) and False (has not)

Please consider that this list will be cross-checking for all G Suite users. This does not imply that these users have Happeo licenses and it may include service accounts, etc. It will, however, give you an overview of which Google Accounts have or have not logged in.