Document Widget

Here, you will find information about the Document Widget and its use cases within your Happeo intranet

What does the Document Widget do?

The Document Widget, also known as the Drive File Widget allows you to embed any Drive document into a Page. Moreover, it gives users the option to either read the documents or even edit them directly within Happeo.

Document Widget Options

  • Select Drive file: Opens a Drive window that allows you to select any file that is stored in Drive. This includes:
    • Google documents
    • Google sheets
    • Google slides
      • When embedding Google slides, you can click on the three dots next to the slide navigation to:
        • Open speaker notes
        • Turn on/off the laser pointer
        • Enter full-screen
        • Adjust the auto-play options
        • And in more: download as PDF, download as PTTX, print the slide deck, open in the editor mode (in Google slides), view keyboard shortcuts, report a problem and report abuse/copyright
    • Google forms
    • Etc.
  • Show link: Choose to show or hide a link to open the file in another window
  • Mode: Make document preview only or editable directly within Happeo