Company Branding Options in Happeo

Here, you will find all there is to know about the company branding options within your Happeo intranet

Note: Company branding options in Happeo are only available to be altered by admins.

The best way to get started with the Happeo admin panel is to set up the basic settings and company branding. The basic settings include your organisation name and description while the branding has colours, icons and splash images.

Company branding

Branding helps make Happeo your own. The main sections for branding are:

  • Happeo name: Replaces "Happeo" with anything you like
  • Colours: Set the primary and secondary colours used in Happeo
    • Primary: This colour is visible as the main menu, as seen in the image below which is dark blue. This colour can also be seen as a Channel's default colour and for some Page widget's default background colour
    • Secondary: Legacy
  • Colour palette: The colour palette is visible when creating content, e.g. writing a post or an article. The colour palette can be viewed when selecting a text's colour. Hover a colour to edit or delete it, click and drag to rearrange
  • Logo: Top left logo within your Happeo as seen in the image below. This logo will be visible to all users of your environment
  • Splash image: The background image of the welcome modal
  • Favicon: Favicon

How can you find the company branding options and alter them?

You can find these options by navigating to:

  1. Admin settings
  2. General
  3. Branding

Set up style templates

Another form of company branding includes style templates. 

As an admin, if you wish to set up style templates, you can read this article.