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Manage Channel Permissions and Discovery

In this article, you will learn how to change Channel posting permission levels and discovery options

Please note that Channel permissions and discovery can only be managed by Channel owners and editors.

Channel permission settings

Channels have two main permission settings: discovery and posting & commenting permissions.


By default, the discovery is restricted. To edit the discovery options for a Channel, you can navigate to the Channel's settings and scroll down to the Discover section.

Note: The discovery options for a Primary news Channel cannot be edited/are disabled as all users within your organisation need to be able to find this Channel.

For other Channels (e.g. Secondary news Channels), however, the discovery options include:
  • Restricted (default): Not visible in discovery, joining by sharing.
  • Ask to join: Visible in discovery, anyone can ask to join from the discovery view.
  • Anyone can join: Visible in discovery, anyone can join automatically. 

Posting and commenting permissions:

You can set the posting and commenting permissions by navigating to a Channel's settings and scrolling down to the Restrictions section. By editing these permissions, you can control who can create posts and comments in a Channel's discussion.

Below, you can find the posting and commenting permission options:

  • Anyone can post and comment (default)
  • Anyone can comment, but posting is restricted to Channel owners and editors
  • Only the Channel owner and editors can comment and post