Channel Folders

In this article, you will learn about all the things you can do with Channel folders

What is a Channel folder?

The channel folder is a Google Drive folder integrated directly with the Happeo Channel. With the folder you can:

  • Navigate folders
  • Open, preview, rename, download and delete files
  • Create posts from files
  • Create files and folders
  • Create files from templates (added by the administrator in the Happeo admin panel)
  • View folder activity feed

Important: All channel members will receive edit permissions to the Drive folder when the channel is shared.

How to attach a folder to Channel?

The easiest way to attach a folder is right after creating a new Channel. Just go to the Files -tab where you can either create a new folder, create a new team drive, or select an existing folder.

After you've attached the folder it will be automatically shared with Channel members with editing rights. This will ensure that all members of the Channel always have access to the files.

Happeo also removes the permissions of any members who leave or are removed from the Channel.

Attaching a Team Drive subfolder

If you decide to attach a Team Drive subfolder to a Channel, you will receive a warning that automatic sharing is off. This is due to Google Drive's limitation/feature, which prevents changing the sharing permissions of Team Drive subfolders.

Important: If you choose to select a Team Drive subfolder, you will need to manage the sharing permissions manually from Google Drive UI.


There are currently two limitations to the Folder functionality:

  1. You can only attach one folder per Channel
  2. If you change the owner of a Channel, the automatic sharing may not work if the new owner does not have sharing permissions