Channel Feed Widget

Here, you will learn about the Channel Feed Widget and its use cases within your Happeo intranet

What is the Channel Feed Widget?

The Channel Feed Widget allows you to create a Channel feed on a Page directly from a specific Channel.

Channel Feed Widget Options

  • Select channel: Choose a specific Channel from the list of Channels
  • Set as user’s news stream: Set to users personalised News stream
  • Set as a user’s My Stream: Set to users personalised My stream
  • Multiple channels: Decide on one, two or three feeds. If you have more than one feed the additional feeds will show as a tab
  • List type: Pick layout type for the preset options:
    • News feed
    • Blog feed
    • Discussion
    • News
    • Carousel 
    • Tiny
    • Banner
    • Mix

    The following options depend on the type of layout you pic

    • Max posts: Choose the max number of posts displayed
    • Default image: Decide on a default image for channels that are missing images
    • Show header: Hide or show a header with the Channel name
    • Show author: Hide or show the author of the post alongside the Page preview
    • Show source tags: Hide or show channel category icon
    • Show Channel tags: Hide or show Channel tags
    • Limit height: Limit height of posts