Channel Calendar

This article showcases what Channel calendars are and how to utilise one within a Channel

Table of contents

  1. What is a Channel calendar?
  2. How can you add a calendar to a Channel?
  3. How can you add a Channel calendar to your Google Calendar?
  4. How to use a Channel calendar
    1. Today, day, week, and month view
    2. Creating new events
    3. Users
    4. Resource calendars
    5. 10-hour and 24-hour view
    6. Slots
  5. Video representation
  6. Access permissions

What is a Channel calendar?

The channel calendar is a Google calendar that is integrated with Happeo so that all the events in the Channel calendar are also visible in the Google Calendar view and vice versa. 

The Channel calendar shows you all the Channel members' calendars at the same time, so as to make it easier to find a suitable meeting time for everyone. You can create an event from the calendar, invite all Channel members to that event automatically and reschedule if needed.

How can you add a calendar to a Channel?

When a Channel is created, you can see the "Calendar" option in the left-hand Channel navigation. By clicking on it, you will have the option to either add an existing calendar to the Channel or create a new calendar. 

Alternatively, you can go to your Channel's settings, scroll down to "Tools" and toggle on "Calendar". By doing so, you will have the same options as mentioned prior. 

By clicking on “Create New”, you create a calendar that includes all the Channel member’s calendar events.

The third option is to create a calendar in Google Calendar which is set to be accessible to the whole organization. In this case, the calendar will be linked to the Channel and users can add the calendar to their own Google Calendar.

How can you add a Channel calendar to your Google Calendar?

When a Channel is created and a new calendar is added to the Channel, in the owner’s Google Calendar it will show up under My Calendars. By hovering the mouse over the calendar’s name, the 3 dot column appears to open Settings and Sharing. When you scroll down in the setting menu, under Access Permissions click on the button Get shareable link. Copy the link and go back to the Google Calendar.

  1. When scrolling to the Other Calendar list, click on the + sign
  2. From the list of options select From URL
  3. Paste the copied URL of the Channel Calendar

How to use a Channel calendar

  1. First, navigate to a Channel that has the Channel widget toggled on
  2. From there, click on Calendar from the left-hand Channel menu

You will then be, by default, presented with a weekly view of all the user's calendars who are members of the Channel.

Today, day, week, and month view

If you would like to see the calendar for today you can do so by clicking on the Today tab from the calendar's top-right menu.

Note: This button will only work if you are viewing a day aside from Today (e.g., if today is March 22 and you are viewing March 23, clicking on Today will take you back to March 22). 

Day will show you your calendar for a specific day, whether it's today or another day. You can switch the view of the day by clicking on one of the dates in the mini calendar on the right-hand side. 

Week will show you the calendar for each day of the week, starting from Monday or Sunday till Sunday or Saturday (depending on your User settings). The week view will automatically show today's date in the middle and you can either scroll left or right to view other events happening during the week. 

Lastly, the month view will show you all of the events that will take place during a specific month. You can change the view of the month by clicking either the left or right arrow next to the month in the mini calendar on the right. 

Creating new events

You can create new events by navigating to the month view and clicking on whichever day you wish to create an event. 

From there, you can fill in the following information:

  • Event title
  • Date and time and its duration
  • Location
  • Guests
  • Description
  • The calendar it belongs to

Note: Any Channel participant can create/edit events for a specific Channel calendar. Not just editors. If you would like this to be changed, you can change the settings through Google. Once the settings are changed, Happeo will no longer override them.


When you navigate through the day, week, or month view you can also select the users' calendars that you would like to view in the aforementioned settings. To do this, find the 'Users' tab on the bottom right and tick the boxes next to the users you wish to see in the calendar. If you would like to add users or groups, you can do so by typing them in the Add users or groups field and hitting Select.

You can also find a simple list on the left that shows which users are part of the Channel and can view their events, plans, and meetings in the calendar.

Resource calendars

Resource calendars can be found underneath the Users tab and function the same way as users do. You can tick the boxes next to the resources (such as meeting rooms) that you would like to see in the calendar. 

10-hour and 24-hour view

The 10-hour setting will show all calendar events occurring within a 10-hour span whereas the 24-hour setting will show them in a 24-hour timeframe. 


Slots enable you to view the available time slots of the Channel members. 

The slots selection can be found in the top-left corner of the calendar.

You can choose between:

  • Don't show slots: Does not show the available slots of Channel members 
  • Show 30-min slots: Shows the available 30-minute time slots of Channel members
  • Show 1-hour slots: Shows the available 1-hour time slots of Channel members
  • Show 2-hour slots: Shows the available 2-hour time slots of Channel members
  • Show full-day slots: Shows the available full day time slots of Channel members

A great use case for this tool is if you are, for example, looking to schedule a 1-hour meeting with a Channel member and want to see what availabilities there are for this meeting with that Channel member in their calendar. 

Once you select a time slot, you will see green dots appear below the dates in the mini calendar on the right. If you select one of those days, you can find those hours highlighted in green in the Channel calendar. 

Video representation

Below, you can find a video representation of the above-mentioned features and where to find them. 


Channel Calendar 1-1

Access permissions

All Channel members will receive access to the Channel's calendar when the Channel is shared. You can contact our support team and request to have a security measure set up so that users will need to request access to a Channel's files and folders. For more information, please see this article.