Add Resource Calendars

Here you can find information about resource calendars and how to add them to your Happeo intranet

What is a Resource Calendar?

In addition to scheduling meetings in Google Calendar, Google Workspace users in your organisation can manage resources that people share. The most common example of a resource is a meeting room. Other examples include projectors, company fleet cars, guest offices, recreation equipment or any other resource people might schedule a time to use.

How do you add a Resource Calendar to Happeo?

There are two different places that you can use Calendars within Happeo.

  1. Channel Calendars
  2. Calendar Page Widgets

Channel Calendar

Resource Calendars can be added to Channel Calendars by going to the:

  1. Calendar tab in the Channel Navigation
  2. On the right-hand side under 'Users' you will see the Resource Calendars dropdown

Calendar Page Widget

It is possible to add a Resource Calendar to both a Schedule and Month Page Widget. To do this you will first have to add one of the Calendar Widgets to the Section on your Page.

Then you will need to go to your Google Calendar and find the Resource Calendar that you would like to include on the Page. When you have found the correct Resource Calendar you will need to go into the calendar settings and then find the Calendar ID and copy it.

You can then paste this Calendar ID into your Calendar Page Widget by clicking on 'By email'.

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