Forging a bond between offices around the globe

Riwal has 2600 people, 75 offices and a presence in 16 countries spread throughout India, Europe and the Middle East. Riwal is much more than an industrial-revolution aftershock. Next to supplying machinery to work at height, they innovate in safety compliance by training customers in Virtual Reality. That drive to innovate isn't just visible to their clients – it lives internally too.

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The Challenge

“We have a couple of challenges in our Internal Communications. In Europe we’re Riwal, but in the Middle East and India we operate under another name. We have to communicate across 16 different countries, so the language barrier is at play too. Lastly, we also have a lot of non-office employees. People that are out there on the road. Truck drivers that deliver machines to the customers. Service technicians that go on location to do repairs. They have an email address, but they don't necessarily always have a computer at hand.” 

“Our company had to deal with an international global crisis. Happeo played a central role in enabling business continuity by sharing knowledge and success stories – both locally and globally.”

Kris Desmedt

Group Manager Marketing and Communications at Riwal

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Balancing the global and the local

“Every office operates in their local market – and with 75 offices throughout 16 countries, you can imagine that the language barrier is a challenge for us. Happeo has seamless integration with Google Translate, so content can be translated with just the click of a button – something that really helps. That’s one side of the solution. The other side comes from our local Channels. They’re digital comfort-zones – a way for people to interact with each other in the language they’re most comfortable with. At the same time they’re present on the global platform, so the step to interact across the business is also less intimidating. One of those examples is a Channel called the Riwal Way, which is dedicated to continuous improvement – a place where people share how they activate each other in working the Riwal Way. It's proven to be one of our most cultural-barrier breaking channels.” 

Download the full case study here

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Overcoming local barriers with a global platform

“From the moment we chose Happeo, it only took four months to launch the platform with all the content prepared. A good project management approach here is really important – setting together a decision making unit of people in IT, Digital, HR and Marketing really helped. Happeo’s Customer Success acted as a sounding board, giving us objective outside views on the best steps to go further. The combination of the two made our launch a success.”

The features that changed the game for Riwal 

• Google Workspace integration to get the commercial side of the business to collaborate

• Mobile intranet app to reach their on-the-go workers

• Easy-to-design Pages; a COVID-19 Page was designed in a matter of hours

• User-friendly Channels that offer a variety of post-types and rich media

• Intranet analytics to continuously improve – it is, after all, The Riwal Way.


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