Top 10 Internal Communications conferences you must attend in 2020

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Top 10 Internal Communications conferences you must attend in 2020

Let’s be honest here: we all love attending conferences, especially when they’re about Internal Communications. We don’t want you to be sitting through endless hours of individuals talking about bootless things you already know – boring, right?

If your goal is to drastically expand your network, gain valuable insight and gain inspiration to create a powerful new way to engage your employees – you’ve come to the right place. A new decade has started, and we’re confident enough to say that this year will be yours. In 2020 Internal Communications has to be approached with a trenchant eye to the future, and it’s your duty to fight against the wind of change.

Enough chit-chat for now. It’s time for you to take your picks from the list, book that plane ticket, pack your bags and off you go!

1. Digital Workplace Conference 

When? March 12 2020
Where? ✈️ London, UK
Price? 💰 Starting from £595

“The Big Smoke” will welcome the Employee Engagement Digital Workplace Conference within its walls. After a five-year streak, the least we can say is that we’re SO excited – and we just can’t hide it.

Let’s all be honest here: at the end of the day, failure isn’t an option.

Engaged employees are more important than ever for your business, you can’t neglect them – but what you can do is provide them with a new digital workplace environment where their full potential can be reached. Enable effective and efficient ways of working whilst enhancing engagement levels and with that, relationships with your customers. Is there anything more a company could ask for? Well...actually, yes. But we’ll get onto that.

Employee Engagement believes in technology as a facilitator to improve workplace culture and engagement, transforming today’s dull working world into tomorrow's collaborative and communication-focused era.

But how can I be part of tomorrow's world?
Glad you asked.

We’re confident the 2020 Topic Streams will include answers to all your questions on:

  • - The impact on employee and customer engagement
  • - Digital Workplace applications, solutions and innovations
  • - The evolution of new technologies, including AI
  • - Designing employee experiences in the Digital Workplace
  • - Make remote work safe for employees and your organization

Get this: one seminar hall, round table sessions, 150+ delegates, 14 presentations and, wait for it… a networking party (perfect chance to increase those LinkedIn connections).

The 2020 speakers will include:
- Wilson James
- The Walton Center NHS Foundation Trust
- Digital Workplace Group
- Legal & General
- Monzo Bank
And many more

2. Gartner Digital Workplace Summit

When? 16th-17th March 2020
Where? ✈️ Phoenix, AZ, USA
Price? 💰Starting from $2,925

The Valley of the Sun will host the two-day Digital Workplace Summit in which Gartner promises to enable more effective ways of working, raise employee engagement and agility.

But wait, what is this “Gartner” you're talking about? Gartner is the leading research and advisory company that helps equip leaders and their teams in every business function with insights, advice and tools. They want to help them achieve their most-critical priorities and build the organizations of tomorrow, across every industry and company size.

If you’re a Digital Workplace Leader, Architect or IT Leader, you’ve come to the right place.

Learn how to take employee engagement to the next level. Embrace change, don’t fear it. Discover new techniques that motivate people, get employees aligned, close the gap between IT and HR and create a whole new vision for your company culture – one that inspires confidence.

We’re confident the 2020 Topic Streams will include answers to all your questions:
- Plan, deploy and manage your Digital Workplace
- Drive innovation with effective technologies and applications
- Build employee experiences that are engaging and Inclusive
- Shape the future of work
- Virtual Tracks: lead teams, build culture, advance skills

The 2020 speakers will include:
- Netflix
- Tomorrow
- Gartner Experts
And many more

3. The 8th Annual Internal Communications Conference

When? 26th-27th March 2020
Where? ✈️ London, UK
Price? 💰Starting from £690

“The Biggest Communication Challenge organizations are facing today is that they are now catering for three generations: millennials, the new pioneers, and most importantly, the analogs” - Paul Osgood, Global Head of Internal Communications at Clifford Chance

The 8th Annual Internal Communications Conference or “The Exclusive Retreat for IC Leaders” will open its doors on March 26th at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London, UK. With its spotless reputation, it draws senior-level-communication leaders from all over the world. It’s a perfect opportunity for delegates to engage with a diverse group of peers and learn from their knowledge and shared experience.

As a senior communicator it’s hard to find time to reflect and refresh your working ways. The slur of day to day requests takes up all your time, leaving little left to share difficulties and adjust expectations. The Internal Communications Retreat is a break from that – a place to think and refocus on what matters.

We’re confident the 2020 Topic Streams will include answers to all your questions on:
- Unlocking the key to a powerful communication strategy
- Role of IC in building a sustainable business
- Measurement and its links with major business drivers
- Inspiring innovation and engagement
- Communicating to an offline global audience
- Managing organization & cultural change

The 2020 speakers will include:
- 24Auer Consulting
- Salesforce
- PeopleLab
And many more

4. The 4th Annual Digital Workplace Summit: Engagement Strategies for Employee Communications

When? March 31st - April 2nd 2020
Where? ✈️ Las Vegas, USA
Price? 💰Starting from $595

For the fourth time in a row, “Sin City” will welcome the Digital Workplace Summit. If you’re planning to create a modern workplace connecting employees, driving engagement, and improving your productivity, you’ve come to the right place (transportation from the conference to casinos not included).

You’ll get exclusive insight on some of the biggest companies out there, including Fedex, Kraft Heinz, NationWide, Philipps 66, and many more. How do they use digital signage? What about podcasts, mobile apps and intranets? Pretty appealing question if you ask me.

We’re confident the 2020 Topic Streams will include answers to all your questions on:
- Creating and sustaining a “values driven culture” through multiple channels
- Keeping a city-sized workforce engaged
- Get the right messages to the right people, at the right time
- Humanizing employee engagement with AI

  • Seniority doesn’t matter. Whether you’re deciding on which communication channels are the best fit for your organization, re-connecting a dissolved team, or simply want to refresh your knowledge.
  • The 2020 speakers will include:
    - Atlantis
  • - ClickStop
  • - Fedex
  • - Hakkasan
  • - C5 Insight

And many more

5. Google Cloud Next

When? April 6th - 8th 2020
Where? ✈️ As long as you have a wifi connection, you can join from anywhere!
Price? 💰Free

Ready, set, go! Clear your calendar for Google’s largest event of 2020.

Google Cloud Next. April 6th. Digital Connect. Be there.

Bringing in the smartest tech minds online – two full days of learning and collaborating inside one of the most exclusive digital events out there. Who would want to miss it? Honestly.

Google brings the opportunity to experience the “magic” of Google Cloud Next alongside the brightest IT professionals, executives, developers and of course, our beloved Google Experts. Due to the latest concerns around COVID-19, Google Cloud Next has decided to reinvent themselves and make their conference accessible to everyone – a free, global, digital-first, multi-day event.

Learn more about the future of AI, machine learning, and other trends – directly from the people behind Google products. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

You will gain inspiration from live keynotes, breakout sessions, interactive learning and digital “ask an expert” sessions on topics including:
- AI & ML
- API Management 
- App Modernization & Containers
- Compute
- Increase productivity and collaboration inside your organization
- End User Computing
- Networking 
- Operations & SRE
- Productivity and Collaboration 
And many more.

As Google likes to say Solving is in our DNA. Let’s put that to work with you.”

Google has a host of their own speakers, including:

  • Thomas Kurian, CEO Google Cloud
    Sudar Pichai, CEO Google and Alphabet
  • Alison Wagonfeld, CMO Google Cloud
  • Kelsey Hightower, Developer and Open Source Advocate Google Cloud

And many more.

Now that the conference is digital, there are no excuses left for you to not attend! 

6. Employee Engagement Summit

When? May 15th 2020
Where? ✈️ London, UK
Price? 💰Starting from £595

Stepping into its seventh year, the Employee Engagement’s Summit is “firmly established as Europe’s premier event” inspecting all parts on how technology is changing the essence of employee engagement. There is no better time to attend the Summit now that companies realize the business benefits through a linked connection between employee engagement, their clients and partners.

Are you ready to take on this unique experience? Let’s dive in.

Technology is changing the face of employee engagement, the working environment, and the new way of working. Employers are now confronted with various issues that are driving the need to 'revamp the rules' of engagement. As a result, the Employee Engagement Summit gathered the most elite leaders within the business to share their secrets concerning how they've effectively driven their companies through disruptive times.

Exclusive case studies, interactive workshops, networking opportunities – here we come!

We’re confident the 2020 Topic Streams will include answers to all your questions on:
- Employee & Customer engagement, links to profitability
- Voice of the employee
- Internal Communications
- Transformation & Change management
- Reward recognition and wellbeing
- Strategy & Leadership
- Digital workplace

2020 speakers will include:
- Hult International Business School
- Pure Planet
- Financial Services Compensation Scheme
- Engage for Success
And many more.

7. Unleashing Innovation In Internal Digital Communications 2020

When? May 19th - 20th 2020
Where? ✈️ Amsterdam, Netherlands
Price? 💰Starting from €799

This two-day Summit, a.k.a “Europe’s #1 Unleashing Innovation In Internal Digital Communication”, will take place in our cherished Amsterdam at De Balie – the Netherlands’ foremost setting for contemporary arts, summits and culture.

Clear and straightforward communication is crucial for every business. A clear relationship exists between internal-communication strategies and your company’s profit. With the ongoing technology innovations, the doors are wide open for employers to reach their employees in a more impactful way. Okay, so what will this conference do for me?

Specialists will share their experiences on why Internal Communications strategies are of crucial significance to achieve more prominent success, give tips into building up your own IDC Strategies, and thoughts on the most effective methods to measure the achievement of your projects.

At the end of the day, a leader is still dependent on people. Ensuring consistent and strategic communications will enable you to connect employees between their roles, your expectations, and the bigger picture you have set out for your company.

We’re confident the 2020 Topic Streams will include answers to all your questions on:
- Enhancing employee engagement to boost productivity, improve morale and create an overall better working environment
- Developing effective, sustainable and scalable internal digital communications strategies, processes and programs
- Creating a cohesive company culture with clear communication: allowing employees to internalise corporate values and provide their feedback
- Stakeholder management: creating buy-in and maintaining engagement across all levels and verticals
- Power to the people: using content created by employees, interactive content, gamification and alternative methods for raise engagement

The 2020 speakers will include:
- TomTom
- Lidl
And many more.

8. Digital Workplace Experience

When? June 3rd - 5th 2020
Where? ✈️ Chicago, USA
Price? 💰Starting from $1495

You can’t help but raise expectations when you read“The World’s Best Digital Workplace Conference” as a headline. This three-day experience grants an exclusive look into the world’s most successful digital workplaces. Get face-to-face with the world’s leading employee experience, up to date Intranets, and company culture practitioners.

Are you keen to get a view inside the world’s most successful companies out there, how they create teams and carry out projects? The excitement doesn't stop here – you’ll learn how to shape your digital leadership with the latest research, build your network and get yourself some Digital Workplace Therapy. Don’t miss it.

We’re confident the 2020 Topic Streams will include answers to all your questions on:
- Leadership for the digital workplace
- Digital workplace operations
- Optimizing the employee experience
- Digital workplace platforms & modernizing IT
- The (R)evolutionary workplace
- Enterprise IQ: knowledge & learning systems

The 2020 speakers will include:
- MIT Sloan School of Management
- AI in Business
- Gannett
And many more.

9. International Association of Business Communicators World Conference

When? June 14th - 17th 2020
Where? ✈️ Chicago, IL
Price? 💰Starting from $560

Chi-Town opens its doors to the #IABC20. The world-renowned conference draws over .1,000 attendees each year from all around the world: if you haven’t heard about it – it’s about time you emerge from darkness and go into the light.

With its theme being “Shift: #AreYouReady”, we expect the coveted experience to be an eye-opener towards the latest trends that you don’t want to miss. You’re ready to expand your network, attend sessions in a variety of formats, create value for your company and elevate your career.

This year, the IABC is planning two special events, most importantly the “welcome” reception will be very different to past events. Why? It’s the IABC’s 50th Anniversary. Since its debut in the 1970s, this year’s conference is close to their hearts – to prove it, they’re inviting you to dress up in your favorite 70s attire. Let’s remember the past and dance to the future!

As for the annual Excellence Gala, get ready to celebrate excellence in the field of business communication where recipients from all over the world are recognized for their accomplishments – perfect chance to celebrate the hard work of your partners or clients.

We’re confident the 2020 Topic Streams will include answers to all your questions on:
- Career and Future skills
- Employee and Customer Engagement
- Communication driving business
- Creativity, Technology and Design 
- Marketing and Brand

  • The 2020 speakers will include:
  • - TrendWatching
  • - Google
  • - Memzy

And many more.

10. Internal Communications Conference

When? September 18th 2020
Where? ✈️ London, UK
Price? 💰Starting from £595

London Town will greet Employee Engagement’s Internal Communications Conference. We believe in their point of view: employee engagement is in a critical state, often neglected by HR. Before pointing out solutions, general understanding on why this happens is crucial.

If you ask HR experts from any company on what they do for "employee engagement", you'll never get the same answer. Some may adopt a numbers strategy while others would adopt a psychological approach. Low employee engagement remains a big issue, a tenacious problem for companies of all sizes, worldwide.

A study conducted by Gallup in 2017 found that only 15% of full-time employees feel “engaged” in their workplace, defined as being “highly involved in and enthusiastic about their work”. Most of the time, HR deals with tasks concerning measuring and finding solutions due to engagement problems – the result of a profound dent in productivity and therefore, revenue. Inversely, companies in the top quartile of the same study showed an increase of 17% in productivity and 21% more profitable. Investing in your employees should be as systematic as investing in another vital resource.

The key focal point of the Conference will be on the companies that aim for competitive advantage by polishing their employee communications strategies. To get there, the Conference offers a thorough approach to adapt the ever-evolving world of Internal Communications.

We’re confident the 2020 Topic Streams will include answers to all your questions on:
- Internal Communications and the employee journey
- Internal Communications and wellbeing in the workplace
- How technology is changing Internal Communications
- 360 degree communications in a changing workplace
- Communicating to a changing workforce
- Employee recognition reward and retention

Grasp onto this: Two seminar halls, round table Sessions, 400+ delegates, 10 topic streams, 30 presentations, and lastly, put on your best attire – you’re going to a networking party (after all, most local business deals are sealed with a handshake – difficult to do that online...)

Employee Engagement hasn’t announced their 2020 speakers yet, so I would recommend to keep an attentive eye on their website 👀

Technology trends are ever-evolving. What was the “best in class” yesterday – is already outdated today. Internal Communications must be your company’s best asset, why not take the leap?

Which Conferences will you be attending this year? Let us know!



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