Report signals the renaissance of Internal Communications

Mon, Feb 11, '19 •

Report signals the renaissance of Internal Communications
“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

- Winston Churchill

One of the core points of the first report in this series is that it looks like the days of Internal Communication as a distinct, stand-alone corporate function are numbered – but that organizations’ need for Internal Communication as a discipline would become far greater. Mike Klein’s new report - The end of the beginning - brings the views of twelve experts Internal Communicators to the forefront, shedding light on what’s going to replace the current profession as we know it.

The future is increasingly bright

After interviewing an additional twelve senior IC practitioners around the world about how they see the near-term future of Internal Communications, Churchill’s words became increasingly resonant. Internal Communications is going to go away – at least the version we’ve known for the past two decades. Mike Klein’s hope lies in the confidence expressed in this quote, taken directly from the report:

“Innovation, culture change, fearlessness and boundarylessness. Comms needs to embrace this mindset so it can stop being so self-interested.”

- Consultant, International

The convergence between IC and PR

A frequently-discussed topic in Internal Communication forums over the last ten years has been that of “internal- external convergence” – the inevitable merger of Internal Communication with external communication or, more precisely, Public Relations. The two fields have a lot in common, after all, both use the same skill set to engage an audience. Some practitioners were less than optimistic about it:

“PR people are more concerned with glitz and glamor, IC people more with people issues.”

- Consultant, USA

Employee advocacy – a critical success factor

Employees are no longer seen as production units that simply do what they are told – controlled through management and top-down communication. Instead, they are starting to be acknowledged as communicators in their own right. They are influenced by varied streams of internal and external communication. More importantly, they influence these and other streams of internal and external communication. Internal Communicators are starting to notice – in spades:

“Employee advocacy will be the differentiator between great companies and mediocre organizations in the future.”

- In-house practitioner, International

Download the report for free

Like you, we want to push Internal Communications forward. We’ve released Mike Klein’s second report on “The present and future of internal comms” for free, and you can download it right here.

Download the free report

Report’s findings discussed in The Internal Communications Podcast Episode #2

We’re continuing our coverage on the series in the form of our monthly podcast. In episode 2 of The Internal Communications Podcast, we’ve invited Dan Williams, PhD and senior-UX designer, to give Internal Communicators the secret weapon they need to master impending change. Tomorrow you'll find it live on this blog, or on your preferred podcast platform – Spotify, Apple Music, Stitcher and more.

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