Podcast: Research proves need for UX in Internal Communications

Tue, Feb 12, '19 •

Podcast: Research proves need for UX in Internal Communications

Internal Communications is evolving. Research showed that it’s been stuck in the same rut for the past 20 years, but Mike Klein’s second report signals this is about to change. “The end of the beginning” focusses on the near-term future of Internal Communications – its convergence with PR, the importance of employee advocacy, gaps in profession maturity and practitioner skill level and lastly, the efficiency and effectiveness of messaging. And exactly that topic is why the field of User Experience (UX) design has so much to teach Internal Communications.

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Decreasing attention spans

Information consumption has changed. Technology and the mass number of communication streams commands a different approach to engage an audience. In the second report, an in-house practitioner states:

“There are decreasing attention spans – employees are increasingly conditioned to snack on content and get what they want instantly and easily.” Another in-house practitioner added:

“Every time we give employees a communication, we give them a problem, a decision they have to make. We need to reduce the number of nonessential decisions they have to make.”

These two quotes sparked an idea: what if we brought in an expert UX-designer and asked him to give Internal Communicators a crash-course on UX-design? What new insights could light a fire under Internal Comms, so they can stay ahead of the upcoming changes?

The second Internal Communications Podcast

Well, we did just that, and it doesn’t disappoint. Here to speak to us on “What can Internal Comms learn from UX-Design?” is Dan Williams, PhD in Augmented Reality and senior UX-designer for more than a decade. Dan works at Within Reach Group, a company dedicated to the creation of revolutionary communication systems to remove distance in collaboration. His expertise lies in web-based applications and telecommunications, but it doesn’t stop there. As you’ll discover in the podcast, he’s also had a hand in designing communication systems to intuitively tell firemen where to go in the midst of an inferno – without audio.

He shares insight on human-to-system interaction, effective communication and using the right context to get the message across. This conversation will give Internal Communicators the secret weapon they’ll need to get ahead of the inevitable changes.

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Jonathan Davies


Tue, Feb 12, '19

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