New Valotalive app for Universe published

Valotalive is a digital signage platform which helps organizations to manage content in info screens in multiple locations at the same time. With a new Valotalive app for Universe, admins can easily share content created in different Universe Channels to the organization's employees.

The Valotalive app for Universe

Valotalive extends the reach of Universe workplace communications. The dynamic and automated flow of information from Valotalive on info screens is a smart and effective channel for internal communications. The fact that Universe can now be activated in Valotalive with a turn-key application with a few clicks is a great value-add for Universe customers.

With the Valotalive app for Universe, customers can reach their employees with internal messaging in a smart way. Posts in different Universe Channels are now visible live on info screens to reach the entire staff with visual location-based media. Customers that are using Universe can now easily integrate Valotalive with Universe.

More information about the Valotalive app for Universe in Valotalive’s website.


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