8 new Happeo features that you shouldn’t miss: September edition

Mon, Oct 1, '18 •

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8 new Happeo features that you shouldn’t miss: September edition

This month, Happeo has had to replace multiple keyboards as our team worked hard to create new magical features for you. Here are the 8 new features that you shouldn’t miss...

1. Search
We have listened to customer feedback and overhauled Search. New features include automated filters and contextual algorithm improvements, making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. That’s just scratching the surface - if you’re searching for more info on the, ahem, Search, then you should probably click here.

2. Email notifications
Know exactly what we’re emailing about before you open the email, now subjects are dynamic and based on the reason for the notification.

3. Channel discovery
When joining a new Channel from the Discover section you will no longer be taken directly to that Channel, now you can add yourself to multiple Channels at the same time!

4. Missing images
If a post has a missing image you will now see this in the image preview.

5. PDF and document preview
You are now able to view entire documents from the document preview within Happeo.

6. Improved mobile experience
We have made some changes to the how Posts appear, so now it’s easier for you to get your updates on the go.

7. Mobile stability updates
Multiple updates to improve app stability under the hood.

8. Automatic mobile refresh
Mobile feeds and notifications now refresh automatically so you don’t miss anything important.


Antero Hanhirova


Mon, Oct 1, '18

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