8 new Happeo features that you shouldn’t miss: October edition

Thu, Nov 1, '18 •

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8 new Happeo features that you shouldn’t miss: October edition

Leaves are falling, the dark evenings are back - but that’s not stopped us! Here’s the latest updates of all things Happeo that you shouldn’t miss this month:

1. New Drive access controls
Have you ever shared a Drive file within a Channel and had other users struggle to access it? Now this is a thing of the past - we have updated the Drive access controls within Happeo to ensure that you can grant the right access to the right people easily.

2. Improved user card
Suspended users are already removed from Search, but if you find a removed user there was not any indication that this person has been suspended on the card. Until now, that is.

3. Announcement post improvements
We have improved the announcement post user count and the overall user interface based on customer feedback. One is the option to convert any post, or article into an announcement and vice versa.

4. My draft
Added the ability to save a post as a personal draft or a Channel draft. This means that you can work on a post yourself, before sharing it with Channel editors to collaborate on.

5. Page language shown in Search
We now show you the language of the Page when the results appear in Search. Très bon!

6. Mobile improvements
You can now mark all notifications as read on our app. Additionally you can now pull down to refresh in Channels, and when you return to the app you’ll see all the updated content on the first load.

7. Embed HTML and javascript code
Now using the iframe widgets you are able to embed both HTML and javascript into Pages.

8. Add and respond to events in my calendar
You can now add events and respond to event invites from the Channel calendar & Pages calendar widgets. No need to jump back and forth between Happeo and Google Calendar.

Plus lots of goodies in the works…
We are gearing up for a busy November with the release of three large features into alpha and beta testing. Slack and Google Chat integrations have moved into alpha, as well as article posts, and admin analytics. These are highly requested features, so we are taking extra time and care to get it right for you.

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Antero Hanhirova


Thu, Nov 1, '18

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