New Channel calendar improves team scheduling

Tue, Jun 20, '17 •

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New Channel calendar improves team scheduling

About 5 months ago we started to re-design our Channel calendar. Our aim was clear: Make calendar great again for teams. To achieve this we wanted to create a place where to get a clear overview of what the team members are doing and a place where to share important events. This was definitely not an easy goal but I think the new calendar fills in these checkboxes quite nicely.


Why Channel calendar?

I think this is a super important question, why my team needs a shared calendar? And first of all, this is not a “duh” question. Creating another calendar, another view, another place where to find information needs always a lot of thought. I mean the obvious other solution is just to use the default Google Calendar. So why did we decide to put a lot of time and effort to this?

The first thing to note is that Google Calendar is very good, it is simple, easy and intuitive to use. But what Google Calendar is not, is a team tool. The reasons for this are quite simple: first of all you need to select your team every time you make a team event, second identifying who’s event are overlapping is hard since you need to connect event border colors to users on the left. Additionally viewing users by groups is not possible and viewing room calendars is almost impossible.

These above points are also naturally the things we wanted to focus on, since what we did not want to do was another calendar. 

The design

When designing the new Channel calendar we tried all sorts of views, vertical, horizontal, side-by-side calendars, month, day, week views etc. And what we ended up was a horizontal calendar with users in rows. With this view it’s easy to see where there are free slots and who is actually free. So the basic design of our Channel calendar stayed quite the same.


We also added a month view to easily see especially the channel calendar’s events. This is really handy for training calendars or event calendars where the team is not in the center but the actual shared calendar is. On the right side you can now see the datepicker and a list of users, groups and resource calendars.

 This update also affected Pages and Channel widgets. The schedule widget now has two different designs to choose from and couple of different modes you can toggle. We also added month widget to pages and a “visiting user” -mode, where the visiting user can see her own calendar in a page.

There are many other updates in the calendar so the easiest way to discover them is just to open the Channel calendar section and start exploring.



Antero Hanhirova


Tue, Jun 20, '17

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