Mind the gap

Wed, Oct 5, '16 •

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Mind the gap

Business, technology, and the world around us are evolving at lightning speed. What challenges do you need to overcome in order to close the gap between your two most valuable assets – people and information – and remain innovative and competitive?

Cast your mind back a few years to the launch of Google Apps (hint: it’s not as long ago as you might think). Go back a little further to the explosion of email onto the office scene. Both these events ripped up the rulebook for how we communicate, collaborate, and share information.

Modern life is jam-packed with uncertainty, but the one constant we can rely on is change. Business, technology, and the world around us are constantly evolving. Dare to speak the words, “We’ll just go with this because it’s the way we’ve always done it” and you may as well throw yourself on the trash heap already.

“Everything flows, nothing stands still” (Heraclitus, 501 BC)

The lightning speed of technology development drives competition in the enterprise sphere. Who can beat the chasing pack by making smarter decisions based on the vast amount of data at their disposal? Who can handle the heat and get that new service to market the fastest?

We’re on the cusp of yet another new wave of technology-driven change that impacts the two most valuable assets of any business – people and information. If you’re going to be a hotbed of innovation, extract maximum value from your data, and keep pace with the competition, these priceless assets must be brought closer together than ever. In retail, for example, technologies like social intranets can have a huge impact in terms of empowering isolated store staff and connecting them with the rest of the organization.

Stop for a moment and think about what are the biggest challenges you’ll need to overcome in order to close the gap. Is your data scattered across a confusing mass of tools? Is it hard to keep track of who has access to what information? Is the information flow in your business top down, or bottom up? Had any of these questions even popped into your mind?

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Antti Merilehto


Wed, Oct 5, '16

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