Major Happeo update takes your productivity to new heights

Fri, Dec 9, '16 •

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Major Happeo update takes your productivity to new heights

Happeo Channels are the cornerstone of collaboration for all our enterprise customers. We’ve spent the last 12 months developing and testing a huge number of upgrades to this key feature – all based on feedback from real users – that will help people be more productive than ever before.

From day one, we’ve always known that Channels – social intranet workspaces where employees can discuss, share knowledge and files, and connect with peers – would be the most important tool to enable better collaboration in the enterprise arena. The major update we launched today will further strengthen Happeo’s position as a truly world-class enterprise social network platform.

Channels-v2-layout.pngWhat’s new, and why does it matter?

Firstly, we’ve given Channels a significant visual upgrade. The Channel hero image now sits at the top of the screen, and there’s also a widget area to the right of the Channel discussion feed. This area displays the Channel description, member list, and widgets. Users can now also adjust their notification settings in the main Channel view instead of in a separate section.

Channels-v2-widgets.pngThere are currently three different widgets available: Channel links, important files, and upcoming events. Widgets can be toggled on and off from the widget controls, and the layout is easy to adjust by simply dragging and dropping.

Every single element of Channels has undergone an extensive overhaul, with better mobile optimizations for calendar and folder. The new version of Channels will make it easier for everyone to access important information and find team or project-related services and files.

Overall, we’re confident that this update will help all Happeo users
be more productive in their daily work than ever before.

And that’s not all

We’re also making changes to the way that posts to discussion feeds in Channels are fetched from our servers. This will make Happeo a lot faster by significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to load posts and comments.  

We’re super excited about the launch of the new Happeo Channels, and you should be too. Get in touch to request a demo and find out more about our enterprise social network for the Google ecosystem. 



Antero Hanhirova


Fri, Dec 9, '16

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