Happeo Pages makes creating beautiful intranets a cinch

Wed, Oct 19, '16 •

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Happeo Pages makes creating beautiful intranets a cinch

Creating beautiful pages for your intranet just got even easier. With the new Pages, Happeo now includes a complete CMS out of the box.

Happeo Pages puts full CMS capabilities at your fingertips, so teams like comms and HR can easily craft meaningful and relevant content for everyone in the organization. Just as before, Pages are perfect for publishing information like HR materials, company policies, and useful forms – but now they’re easier than ever to create and manage.Pages-home-3dots.pngPages follows the Happeo vision that users shouldn’t need to leave the platform when they want to create or edit information. All the familiar features are available and fully integrated, meaning admins and page editors can easily leverage information that already exists in the Channels or People sections of the company’s Happeo. For example, admins can create a page and add company news from the Channels section to the top of the page as a carousel or news feed, or include interactive organizational charts from the People section.

Pages goes social

Users can interact with everything they see on screen. For example, if there is a folder on the page, users can view, edit, and share the files; if there are discussions or news stories on the page, users can like and comment in real time within the page, in the same way as within a Happeo Channel. In this way, Pages turns traditional intranet pages into fully interactive environments where colleagues can connect, discover, and discuss.Pages-news-social.png

Easy page creation and management

The user interface is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to create pages and manage content. Full page styling functionalities allow companies to create ready-made themes, so when page creators want to create a new page they don’t need to start from scratch. Texts are easy to edit using the rich text editor, and there is a huge variety of styling options for fonts, page background colors, and other design elements – right down to pixel level.

There are a host of handy widgets available for customizing page content, so you can add things like images, videos, calendars, or a Google Map, as well as Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. There are also widgets for different newsfeed styles.

Happeo Pages is now available to all existing customers for beta testing. Contact us for more information.


Antero Hanhirova


Wed, Oct 19, '16

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