Create your own intranet with Happeo Pages

Wed, Jan 11, '17 •

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Create your own intranet with Happeo Pages

Two months ago we released a beta version of Universe Pages, our out-of-the-box CMS.  After learning from tens of companies and content creators we are now ready to release Pages to all of our customers. 


Universe Pages offers full CMS capabilities for teams like Comms and HR, making it it easier than ever to create meaningful and relevant content for all employees in the organization. Just as before, Pages are perfect for publishing corporate news, HR materials, and useful forms – but now they’re even easier to create, share and manage.

Ease of use - for both content creators and end users

Pages provides a multitude of widgets, styling options and templates that make creating intranets, team sites and project pages easier than ever. You can now create internal company pages that have deep integrations to G Suite (formerly Google Apps) and truly social features.

For content creators Pages offers effortless content creation with integrations and styling possibilities that will make the intranet look like your own. With page style templates, you and all the other Pages creators can save time and hassle, and easily make all the Pages follow your brand’s look and feel.universe-pages.png

From the end user’s point of view Pages isn’t just any old static intranet. Rather it’s interactive, enticing, and super easy to use. If there’s a channel widget inside pages, users can open, comment and like posts, and receive notifications. With folder widgets users can view, preview, create and edit files right inside Pages. Discovering information and people is also fast and easy with the Universe universal search – even with partial words. Gone are the days of information graveyards and one way communication traps. Today it’s all about employee-driven intranets.

To start using Pages, just install Universe in Google Marketplace – or if you’re already a customer contact us and we’ll enable the the new Pages for you! 

When you’re ready to start building your own Pages you can find step-by-step instructions here:


Antero Hanhirova


Wed, Jan 11, '17

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