6 new Happeo features that will make you smile

Wed, Dec 12, '18 •

6 new Happeo features that will make you smile

If you’re reading this you’re likely a proud member of the future. Whether you’ve been using Happeo for a while, or if you’ve only just started deploying it, you’ve realized that your company needed a centralized ecosystem – a virtual office. We’re happy to have you aboard.

Looking back at our developments from November, we’re proud to release one of our most anticipated features: Admin analytics. It doesn’t stop there though, we have a host of user-centric improvements and some love for our mobile users – especially if you’re on an iPhone X.

Without further ado, here’s what Happeo has released this month:

1. Admin analytics

Admins now have access to the Analytics dashboard. Here you can quickly see the top influencers and contributors within your Happeo channels. You can also filter based on one or more channels. Take guesswork out of the equation – the Analytics panel gives an objective overview of your real key influencers and contributes.

2. User settings

User settings received a visual kick-up-the-backside with an improved interface and some additional options such as a default language selector and the option for users to add their birthday. 

3. Additional file upload type upload

A lot of you wanted us to support more media formats. We’re happy to say that Happeo now also supports files with the .wmv extension.

4. New page-style options

Hero-banners, the large images displayed across pages, now have additional styling options. We also added the option to make widgets auto-adjust to the section they’re in, and the content they’re holding. Tech-terms aside – this means you can easily create nice looking grid views.

5. Support for iPhone X

Small, but important: Happeo’s mobile application now supports the iPhone Xr and the iPhone Xs

6. Mobile channel-management improvements

More mobile love! When using the Happeo mobile app, you can now leave channels.

That’s what we did in November! We hope that the new Analytics dashboard will give your Internal Communication efforts a renewed sense of direction. You’ll let us know if this really made you smile, right? :)


Antero Hanhirova


Wed, Dec 12, '18

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