Death by chat: are your enterprise tools hindering, not helping?

Fri, Nov 4, '16 •

Death by chat: are your enterprise tools hindering, not helping?

Rather than boosting productivity and engagement, chat platforms may be repeating the same mistakes as email – everyone's (former) ‘favorite’ enterprise communication method. The internet is awash with tirades against the all-consuming, always-on nature of chat tools. Where does the happy compromise lie?

Without communication, there is no business. By communicating, we learn, we solve problems, and we engage with colleagues. The birth of email revolutionized the way we communicate at work, but now we’re dying to break free from email stress. Chat tools – some heralded as email killers that will save your sanity – offer an alternative to the relentless flood of work email, but many feel they’re adding to, rather than alleviating, stress. Basecamp founder Jason Fried compares group chat to “being in an all-day meeting with random participants and no agenda.”

Why chat isn’t the be all and end all

The online backlash is in full swing. Leading tools like Slack are feeling the force, and some people are even penning eloquent break-up letters to their former sweetheart. This isn’t to say chat tools should be avoided altogether. For small enterprises and teams, they can be perfect for quick discussions, shouting out for help, or keeping abreast of general goings on. But on an enterprise scale a different approach is needed to stop things going belly up.

Taking enterprise communications to the next level

Chat tools aren’t designed to be a funnel for every single piece of enterprise communication, and relying on them as such can result in chaos. The best collaboration tools help you sort what’s important from what isn’t and take things at your own pace. In Happeo Channels, teams can discuss topics, prioritize tasks, share ideas, and collaborate on documents. No constant pings, no FOMO (that’s fear of missing out, people), and no constant switching between tools. Just neat workspaces where people can discuss, share, and get work done in their own way.

Interested in hearing more? Take a look at how we’ve helped our customers and book a Happeo demo.



Maarit Huhtala


Fri, Nov 4, '16

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